BRYTER Center for Digitalization & Law: Teaching


The BRYTER Center aims to train students of the law at EBS Law School in the field of law and digitalization and to prepare them for the challenges of their professional careers in this area. For this purpose, the Center supports the study program with specialization in “Law & Digitalization” in particular.

Legal Engineering:
The range of lectures will include an introductory course on “Legal Engineering” from 2023. The new course is one of the first university event formats in which students dedicate themselves to the interdisciplinary topic of law and software development.

The main focus of the course is on key competencies from software development and project management as well as the respective (market) economic contexts. In addition to conveying abstract knowledge, references to practical implementation are always made and examples from experts from the legal market are used.

Workshop „Legal Tech – Status Quo and Influence on the Legal Industry“:
Since 2019, the workshop on Legal Tech offers students insights into legal workflows using legal tech applications. One focus here is on the potential of legal automation, through which legal expert knowledge and workflows can be modeled and automated with the help of software. A theoretical introduction with a current overview of legal tech tools is followed by a practical part in which students can build modules themselves using the BRYTER toolset.

This course also examines the economic benefits as well as the increase in efficiency of such applications for the different areas of legal work. Furthermore, it provides a fundamental understanding of how digital transformation is changing the legal industry and how digital business models in legal, tax and compliance can be successfully developed and scaled.

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