»Forum Bellevue on the Transformation of Society« with the German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier

By invitation of the German President, I was able to participate in the kick-off event on the Transformation of Society by the Forum Bellevue on 7 July 2023. The title of the event: “On the Threshold of a Climate-Neutral Economy: A New Industrial Revolution?” (organized jointly with the ZEIT Foundation).

Facing those imminent enormous changes – how can we bring everyone along with us – especially those associated with the challenges of climate change – and at the same time preserve and strengthen democracy? Above all: How can we put a stop to populists and promote unity in our society?

To sum up the event:
Very important questions were asked, stimulating impulses were given from the lecture of the Federal President and his discussion with Ottmar Edenhofer and Christiane Benner and exciting discussions took place afterwards – with representatives from the economy (e.g. Christian Sewing, Jörg Schmidt) and from associations (e.g. Christoph Heinrich), scientists (e.g. Armin Nassehi), students.

My most important insight:
We have to tackle the social challenges actively – not talk too much, but act and show that it can work out for everyone. That the challenges hold new opportunities, even if it is exhausting. It is only through action that trust is gained, not through words!

Our society needs such intelligent, factual and level-headed discussions – then we will find the answers together. Thank you for allowing me to participate.

Image source + report + recording of the live stream as well as the speech of the Federal President can be found here.

[Translated by DeepL]

Photos: © Liesa Johannssen