Review of the Smartbook Fundamental Rights in the ZDRW [German]

A new review of the Smartbook Fundamental Rights has been published:

Alexander Tischbirek, Emanuel V. Towfigh/Alexander Gleixner, Smartbook Fundamental Rights
in: ZDRW Journal for Didactics of Law, Volume 10 (2023) Issue 3, pp. 331-334 [in German].

»Emanuel Towfigh and Alexander Gleixner have achieved a great success with their Smartbook Fundamental Rights. They take the genre of the classic law textbook into the age of digitalization by designing the book as the center of an entire information network that masterfully mediates between the textbook’s teaching text, original (legal) documents, specialist literature, summarizing videos, practice cases, an app-supported training course and carefully curated background information in selected Internet sources. The Smartbook Grundrechte sets a new standard for future textbook publications. Once you have started working with the Smartbook, it will not be easy for you to return to learning with the one-dimensional printed text.«

»It should come as no surprise that the Smartbook Fundamental Rights will soon be one of the standard works of constitutional law