“We can do better.” New Lawyers Podcast on diversity and legal education. Alisha Andert in conversation with Emanuel V. Towfigh

TalentRocket Podcast, Conversation between Alisha Andert and Emanuel V. Towfigh (ca. 45 minutes)


Emanuel V. Towfigh is a university professor and holds the Chair of Public Law, Empirical Legal Research and Legal Economics at EBS Law School in Wiesbaden. Among numerous other publications, he recently co-authored an essay that addresses diversity in law and legal practice. Today, he and Alisha Andert explain why diversity is also important in law studies and with a view to the exam. Inevitably, they also address a topic that also affects all former law students: namely, legal education.

Making law studies more diverse
Diversity in law and legal practice
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[Translated by DeepL]