Second Edition “Die rechtliche Verfassung von Religionsgemeinschaften” (PhD dissertation, German) published

As the first edition of my Ph.D. dissertation (from 2006) was out of print, the publisher decided to print a second edition.

Emanuel V. Towfigh
Die rechtliche Verfassung von Religionsgemeinschaften. Eine Untersuchung am Beispiel der Bahai
[The Legal Constitution of Religious Communities. A Study Illustrated by the Example of the Bahai Community]
2nd unrevised edition; 2021. XX, 269 pages.
Jus Ecclesiasticum 80 (59,– €)

ABSTRACT | Emanuel V. Towfigh examines German religious constitutional law and the Bahai’s religious organization law, as well as their coaction. He evaluates the legal forms open to religious communities, using those criteria which are decisive for the choice of legal form.