3rd German Edition of »Economic Methods in Law« published (open access)

Economic Methods in Law, 3rd edition by Emanuel V. Towfigh and Niels Petersen
With contributions by Markus Englerth, Sebastian J. Goerg, Stefan Magen, Alexander Morell and Klaus Ulrich Schmolke

Economic arguments are becoming increasingly important for lawyers. This textbook aims to familiarize lawyers with economic methods in order to give them a better understanding of these arguments. It is aimed at students as well as academics and practitioners.


The 3rd edition offers the following innovative new features:

  • The new edition is consistently optimized for digital use: All sources that are online available are linked―all essays, monographs, commentaries and handbooks, every norm, every court decision and every further reference (and now even at every mention). This means that in the PDF version all these texts can be conveniently accessed with just one click from a computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • By cross-references within the textbook, one click takes the user to the place referenced―whether from the text, a footnote, the index, or the glossary. This facilitates digital and interactive use and makes it more visible how the contents of the textbook are linked and connected.
  • In addition, the content and literature have been comprehensively updated.

The textbook is available as an open access PDF file at https://doi.org/10.1628/978-3-16-162345-5.

[translated by Deepl]