EBS Law School »Innovation Talk«

New „Innovation Talk“
format provides exciting insights
on legal challenges related to digitalization

by Mike Fecke

Since November 2020, the “Innovation Talk” offers a new format at EBS Law School to focus even more on the influences of digitalization on legal science and practice. The series further invites to engage with each other even in times of “social distancing”.

The objective is to create a regular exchange, in which speakers present current developments in introductory lectures and identify the associated legal problems. This is followed by vibrant discussions with the students and young academics.

The event series kicked off on November 11 with Professor Emanuel V. Towfigh giving a general introduction to the phenomena of digitization and its effects, as well as an overview of the case law that has already been decided in the area of public law. This was followed by an open Q&A session on topics such as democracy and elections, opportunities for regulation of social networks, and much more.

At the second meeting on December 7, the participants were able to discuss the draft law on the introduction of electronic securities (eWpG), which was published in August 2020, with Professor Dr. Ulrich Segna and attorney Lukas Wagner M.Sc. (Oxon) from the FinTech team of Allen & Overy. After an introduction by Professor Segna, Mr. Wagner examined the draft eWpG from a attorney’s perspective and analyzed it with regards to the actual needs of the crypto industry.

Further events will follow next year. The Innovation Talk is a student initiative within the EBS Legal Innovation Lab, which is significantly supported by Prof. Dr. Emanuel V. Towfigh. This new format complements the existing courses at EBS, in particular the focus area on “Law of Digitalization” supervised by Professor Dr. Emanuel V. Towfigh and Professor Dr. Tim Florstedt.