Newly founded BRYTER Center for Digitalization & Law at EBS Universität is addressing topics of digitalization in judicial research and teaching

Digitalization has also reached the legal market and legal activities. Software is increasingly taking over standard tasks and becoming an everyday part of the legal working world. Together, EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht and the leading legal no-code automation platform BRYTER have created the BRYTER Center for Digitalization & Law, which is decisively focused on the issues of the digital transformation of law in teaching and research. The Center is academically led by Prof. Dr. Emanuel V. Towfigh, supported by co-directors Michael Grupp and Dr. Micha-Manuel Bues.

Digitization describes a far-reaching economic as well as social change that has a lasting impact on almost all areas of life. The special characteristic of this change is that not only the objects of law but also the legal working method and the law itself are subject to digital transformation. This challenges legal education to take up the questions raised by digitalization as well as the use of new technologies in legal work and to convey them to students in practice-oriented formats. With the founding of the BRYTER Center for Digitalization & Law, EBS Universität and the no-code automation platform BRYTER are combining scientific and practical expertise at the interface of law, business and technology.

The Center’s focus in teaching and research is, on the one hand, on the various legal issues raised by digitalization. Another focus is on the effects of the increasing use of technological applications in the application of the law itself. For this purpose, practical, interdisciplinary research projects are carried out and conferences and workshops with students are offered. In addition, the Center is actively involved in teaching in order to prepare students in this area for the challenges of professional practice. In this way, EBS Universität is focusing even more strongly on the future topic of digitalization, in addition to the focus area “Law of Digitalization” founded in 2019 and the “Legal Innovation Lab”.

“Future lawyers need a comprehensive and systemic understanding of the megatrend of digitalization. Therefore, we actively integrate BRYTER into the teaching at EBS Law School. In this way, our students gain insights into their future working world and the handling of the corresponding tools and instruments in the field of legal tech. In addition, the proximity to BRYTER’s managing directors, Michael Grupp and Dr. Micha-Manual Bues, allows them to follow the development of a fast-growing technology company. I am extremely looking forward to the cooperation”, Prof. Dr. Emanuel V. Towfigh, Director of the Center and Chair of Public Law, Empirical Legal Research and Legal Economics, explains the advantages of the cooperation.

“Anyone who starts a law degree today will enter a completely different working world – legal education must urgently take this into account. The earlier students come into contact with the use of legal technologies, the better. That’s why it’s a heartfelt matter for us to support legal education and research,” said co-director Michael Grupp. “Just as computer science is an applied science, legal tech requires the combination of theory and application practice and we are pleased to contribute the practical part for a holistic educational concept in the still-new cross-sectional field. EBS Law School, with its focus on future-oriented, high-quality legal education, is an ideal partner for BRYTER in this regard.” Dr. Micha-Manuel Bues continues: “Employers expect more from their future employees than just a standard legal education. We want to support students in being curious, in discovering paths away from the norm, and in experiencing the digital transformation of law up close. We are also keenly interested in research in this area and want to drive it forward. We are excited to tackle this together with EBS Law School.”

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About EBS Universität
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BRYTER is the leading no-code automation platform helping professional services to digitize and scale their knowledge. The intuitive toolbox enables experts in law, finance, tax and compliance to build, manage, and distribute interactive applications – in short time and without the need for programming skills. The platform helps consultants, enterprises, and public administration across the globe to participate and thrive in a digital world. BRYTER’s offices are located in Berlin, Frankfurt am Main, London, Paris and New York City.

Source: press release of EBS University