At the Interface between Law and IT: EBS Universität includes “Legal Engineering” in the curriculum

The range of lectures in the specialisation area “Law & Digitalization” at EBS Law School will include an introductory course on “Legal Engineering” from 2023. The new course is one of the first university event formats in which students dedicate themselves to the interdisciplinary topic of law and software development. EBS Universität thus ideally prepares students for the growing challenges in the job market and introduces them to the relatively new profession of legal engineers.

Legal tech is an integral part of the legal profession. Software applications influence legal workflows and processes as well as competitive and market conditions. This has also changed the roles of the players in the legal market. Young lawyers are therefore particularly in demand for interface skills: legal experts also need knowledge in software development, data science or process and project management. Law firms are increasingly relying on “legal engineers”.

The new introductory course aims to provide students with a sound understanding of the entire value chain in the field of legal engineering that goes beyond mere knowledge of certain software tools. Thus, it ideally complements the contents of the specialisation programme “Law & Digitalisation”. The main focus of the course is on key competencies from software development and project management as well as the respective (market) economic contexts. In addition to conveying abstract knowledge, references to practical implementation are always made and examples from experts from the legal market are used.

The event is supervised by the BRYTER Center for Digitalization & Law, supported by the expertise of BRYTER, the leading international provider of legal automation software. The new lecture also complements the existing practical workshop on legal tech in the legal market and is flanked by the regular “Innovation Talks” of the Legal Innovation Lab at EBS Law School.

Source: EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht