Law’s|Empirics: The implementation of new teaching-learning formats in legal education

by Emanuel V. Towfigh, Alexander Gleixner, Jan Keesen and Jacob Ulrich

Contribution of 08 August 2023 to: L|E Online Symposium »Legal Didactics – What do we know about it; what works?«

Modern university didactics cannot do without digitization, because it can make learning more efficient. Digitization generally makes it possible to individualize mass products – the product can differ from user to user, just as smartphones of different users are completely similar on the one hand and completely different on the other. This is a great opportunity, especially for mass courses of study such as law. In our view, the teaching of law in particular will therefore continue to develop strongly in the interplay of classic, personal »chalk and talk« teaching with the possibilities offered by the Internet and digital formats.


[Translated by DeepL]