Economic Analysis of U.S. Public Law, University of Virginia School of Law

Seminar, University of Virginia School of Law
Fall Semester 2012, Tuesdays, 4–6pm.

Course Description
The seminar will examine the development of public law institutions from a rational choice and political economy perspective. It will give a broad overview of applications of economic methods in public law, covering a range of public law subjects (e.g., Constitutional law, Administrative Law, Public International Law) and different economic approaches (Public Choice, Social Choice, Behavioral Law and Economics, Empirical Methods). Prior knowledge of economic methods is not required, as there will be short introductions where necessary. We will not dwell on the mathematical mechanics of the discussed models (unless, of course, the entire class has substantial prior knowledge of economic modeling and wishes to engage with the scholarship on this level).

Course Evaluation
The course was evaluated by the seminar participants. Details can be found in the evaluation report.